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At Evestige we do not only aim to grow a companies brand and its employees but we also offer two diploma courses in Image Consulting and Corporate Consulting Respectively. 

Our students have benefited greatly from our courses in helping them kick start their careers and understand the art of Visual Profiling.

Image Coaching offers richly rewarding  career options to both male and female Image Coaches.  It can be a career choice on its’ own or expand your existing portfolio of product and services to your client base

Evestige offers an extensive course with hands on practical tuition in a fun an interactive style aimed at getting you ready to take on clients as soon as possible!!!

  • Why Coaching?
    A therapist will EXPLORE your fears A consultant will TELL you how A mentor will SHOW you how Whereas a coach will WALK with you every step of the way. As part of the course, you will receive a full image consultation!
  • Who needs an IMAGE COACH?
    Everybody who communicates! In society the strongest survive: People who do things differently are noticed. Recruiters and promotionists depend upon appearance to be recognised. The legacy methodology will coach the individual to get the edge. Schools and colleges for motivational talks and workshops on etiquette, dress codes and culture differences. Companies in the form of workshops, seminars and corporate image promotions. More and more companies must upgrade the IMAGE they and their staff project to the consumer, thereby equipping themselves better to compete in today’s ever-changing market place TO GIVE THEM THE EDGE! The knowledge you receive as an IMAGE COACH, can be of use in your existing business, complementing your credibility and knowledge.…Evestige will provide you with the opportunity to present yourself, and others, in a more pleasing, powerful and dynamic way. This exceptional service offered by Evestige has always been beneficial to all concerned and many promotions in the workplace have been as a direct result of an individual’s or company’s attendance of the course. They started to use the knowledge they obtained through the Evestige tuition to get the edge
  • Requirements for admission
    You do not have to be beautiful, of a certain age-, sex group or size to be an IMAGE COACH, but it is vital to LOOK THE PART and TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. A flair for dealing with people, AT ALL LEVELS, from teenagers to corporate business people, will be an advantage. However, the enhancement of this skill is part of the course offered by Evestige. Enthusiasm, commitment and the endorsement of the fact that “the first impression is the lasting one”, is essential. As the course material and training is all in English – a good command of the language is essential.
  • What is included in the training?
    Complete study material Assistance from Evestige in the form of ongoing further research and information Set of Drapes, booklets and Colour Swatches Exclusive Evestige Personality Profiling VPP© Hands-on personal tuition to gain experience and enhancement of your theoretical studies. Including practical coaching as part of the final evaluation. First year free membership to Lasting Legacy Club (value R1,000) which entitles you to On-going Mentoring-programme for content specific issues Coaching for your business Starter kit consisting of: Measuring kit Profiling Worksheets Style and Figure Analysis Workbooks Wardrobe Planning Workbooks Guided shopping tour – what to look out for when putting it together Additional material can be purchased from Evestige.

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