BBBEE Level 4

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Business today is getting more and more competitive. Organisations find that they are not getting the expected return on investment on their training and staff development. 


  1. Your secret weapon is in your staff/your people and is ready to be unlocked?

  2. You can outplay your competitors because your clients feel more comfortable with your staff?

  3. You are excellent in the aspects that your competitors are not even thinking about?

  4. You can read your clients across cultures better and respond appropriately?

  5. You know how to use Power Play to achieve your business objectives?

  6. Your staff know how to conduct themselves at all times?

The adaptive subconscious mind leaps to conclusions in 2 seconds – can you afford to make the wrong impression?

Millions are spent on teaching people content in their field of expertise, on skills how to do things, on methodologies, on process And yet it never comes together….

There is nothing wrong with the staff development programs, but the delivery and execution just does not happen.  

The real differentiator in business today, more than ever before, is in the people. We all know what a pleasant surprise it is to find good service, people whom you can trust and who will deliver.

With our unique Visual Personality Profiling, let Evestige help you improve your:

  • Sales 

  • Marketing

  • Brand

  • Customer Experience