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At EVESTIGE we enable you with the tools to master the art of Situational Intelligence (LQ). We do not want you to become someone that you are not, we want to unlock the Unique U to stand out from the crowd and give you the advantage above your competitors.

SITUATIONAL INTELLIGENCE (LQ) = Intelligence Quotient (IQ) + Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Having the right image, brand and situational intelligence will empower you to close that “evasive deal” and change the way you do business.

To Unlock the Unique U we want to assist you with the following features:

  • How to read people

  • How to improve your own image for your specific personality, lifestyle and industry of work

  • How to make that impeccable first impression

  • How to behave in different situations

  • How to deal with other cultures

  • How to brand yourself and stand out from the crowd

  • How to be confident inside and out

As every business is different Evestige offers you a customized workshop based on your needs

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